A brief biography of Master Sun Shurong 

Master Sun Shurong was born in 1918 in Beijing, China. She is the second daughter of Sun Cunzhou, and granddaughter of Master Sun Lutang, creator of Sun style Tai Chi Chuan. During her childhood, she trained in Tai Chi Quan and Xing Yi Quan with both her grandfather and father. As a teenager, she assisted her father in teaching the family martial art, while completing her training of Bagua Quan and Sun style weapons. In 1963, her father passed away. 

After her father's death, with more and more people calling on her to learn the Sun style, she decided to offer formal Sun style Tai Chi classes. Besides Tai Chi, she also teaches Xing Yi and Bagua. Over the past three decades, she has brought up a new generation of Sun style martial artists. 

In sharing her family art with others, she remains strict and admits as students only those possessing excellent moral character in order to ensure the Sun art is never used for purposes other than self-defense or exercise.  Once, a young student came to her and asked if he could be taught how to fight.  She responded to him by quoting her grandfather: "If you want to conquer the world, please go and see some of the other well-known masters in order to save your time. However, if you want to cultivate your character and increase your wisdom while improving your health, I'm more than qualified to be your teacher."  Master Sun emphasizes the importance of modesty, respect, patience and discipline to her students.

Her grandfather Master Sun Lutang wrote and published books on Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Bagua and general ideas about martial arts. With the passage of time, these books became difficult to find in China. In collaboration with her brother and her sister, Master Sun Shurong republished her grandfather's works, adding commentaries for the new editions.