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Master Sun Shu Rong and Dr. Moramarco in Tuanjie Hu park, Beijing      A biography of Dr. Jacques MoraMarco

     Jacques MoraMarco, O.M.D., L.Ac., is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist in California, with over twenty-five years' experience in Oriental medical practiced. Born in Switzerland, he has studied throughout Europe, America, and the East. He Holds a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Loyola University in Los Angeles, after which he earned a doctorate in Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.) from California Acupuncture College (The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine) where his studies included acupuncture, herbology, Tai Chi, and tui-na (Chinese medicinal massage). He also studied acupuncture at The Institute of Oriental Medical Studies under the guidance of Master See Han Kim. Dr. MoraMarco has the honor of being a pioneer in Oriental medicine in America, passing the first examination in 1977 for the California Board Certified acupuncture license. He is also the author of two books, The Complete Ginseng Handbook and The Way of Walking.

     He has been practicing Tai Chi, qi gong, and kung fu for thirty years, and has studied with the leading masters of these arts in both America and China. He is a recognized instructor of Yip Man and GuLao Wing Chun kung fu. He is also a long term practicioner of the Hong Kong and Shanghai branch of Liu He Ba Fa, also known as water boxing. Dr. MoraMarco is a lineage disciple of Master Sun Shu Rong (Beijing), the granddaughter of the renowned Chinese martial arts master Sun Lu Tang. Dr. MoraMarco is currently academic dean of Emperor's College in Santa Monica, California, where he currently resides and teaches martial arts.

Below is Dr. Jacques MoraMarco's Sun Tai Chi family lineage.
Jacques MoraMarco's family lineage